About our Namesake

This tournament is dedicated in loving memory of Maggie Ruibal. The daughter, the sister, and the friend who still inspires all who hear.

Magdalyn “Maggie” Ruibal was a very special gift to her family. Though she suffered from seizures most of her life, she brought more happiness to those around her than any “normal” person could, and she hardly complained, even though there was scarcely a year of her short life when she spent less than a month in the hospital. She smiled and the love in her eyes warmed hearts wherever she went. Maggie enjoyed going to watch her brothers play ball and was always their biggest fan. She loved music, especially classic rock, and her sense of style was all her own.

Maggie started at Notre Dame around age 10 and did her best to be a “normal” girl, a task made easier by a wonderful school in which “normal” was not the norm. At Notre Dame she was known as Miss Maggie to her teachers and just Maggie Ruibal to her classmates. Maggie felt at home at Notre Dame and not pointed out for her disabilities, but loved and respected for her own individuality.
It is for this special school, which let Maggie be her own person, and in Maggie’s Memory that we continue this golf tournament.
our namesake